Born in Hamburg and grew up/ was raised between Germany, England and Italy, so I have a love for languages and different cultures. I was scouted at the age of 12 in a shopping mall, when I went back to the UK for a year after living in Italy. I decided to finish my studies first, but when I booked the Prada Campaign 2013 shot by Steven Meisel, it launched my career before I’d finished school. I went back to school, did a couple of jobs meanwhile and then started modeling full time when I was 19. Came back to New York to give it everything that I had.


I love being creative, and working with visionaries. Later on, the last four years I studied Acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute for Film and Theatre where I discovered my passion for the craft. I have since acted in short films and a documentary which allowed me to dive deeper into the world of acting.
I am very passionate about the Arts, Acting, Creativity, Writing, Photography, Astrology, Philosophy and especially sports from Muay Thai to pilates to boxing to horse back riding/ skiing , I love exploring the connection between mind, body and soul and it’s a daily ritual for me to integrate my love for sports into my life. I also love music, grew up playing the violin and the piano.