Hi! I’m Sophia. I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore and Vietnam before moving to LA in 2017. My mom is from Shanghai and my dad is from South Carolina, so I was lucky to be able to experience a really big variety of cultures growing up. I can speak some Chinese and French along with English!


I have a degree in cultural anthropology and psychology. I grew up wanting to be a pop star, astronaut, marine biologist, and museum curator. I would say that I’m pretty adventurous. I love animals, I love exploring and I love the outdoors! Some of my favorite hobbies are hiking and going to the beach. Fun fact about me: I have a scuba diving license!
I also have a podcast! I started my show during the summer of 2021 when I was quarantined at home in Vietnam. My goal is to share my experience of being in my 20s and to help listeners feel less alone about the challenges that they face. Some topics I’ve talked about are female friendships, dating, relationships with food, anxiety, patience, identity, college life, borderline personality disorder, vulnerability, and more!