I am Tracy Maiga, born in Atlanta, but my upbringing took me on an incredible journey through Ivory Coast in West Africa and Paris, France so yes my first language is French. Five years ago, I returned to Atlanta and embarked on a journey to learn English during my high school years. Determined to pursue my modeling career, I then made the move to New York City. And now, my dreams have led me to the vibrant city of Los Angeles!


Currently, I am studying business and marketing at St. John’s University, fueling my passion for the world of commerce. But that’s not all that drives me! I’ve always loved writing. There is something magical about expressing myself through words and being able to be so free with it.I am truly passionate with philanthropy, as I believe in using my talents and resources to make a positive impact on the world and help when you can. Fashion and styling are my true loves, allowing me to unleash my creativity and showcase my unique talents and qualities. And the best part? I get to collaborate with incredible individuals I meet along this amazing journey! I am so excited as I chase my dreams, fueled by the energy of each new opportunity that comes my way.