I was born and raised in Taiwan. When I was 13, I went to Germany for boarding school to learn German so my family could communicate with my German uncle. I then graduated from University of Southern California with my master degree in Electrical Engineering as a computer programmer. Right before I was going to work for a well-known tech company, I got scouted at a cafe like a cliche LA story. Soon after, I moved to NYC to start modeling because I wanted to give myself a chance to focus on this new direction without a plan B. Through modeling, I was able to explore my creativity and myself in a new way that I never experienced before.


This was why I realized that I wanted to challenge myself more and give acting a try. After moving back from NYC, I joined acting class to expand my creative outlet. Both modeling and acting have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to discover more about who I am. Because of acting, I fell in love with yoga. It offered me a new way to express myself and connect with people around me that was different from modeling and acting. After experiencing all the wonderful change yoga brought into my life, I decided to get certified as a yoga teacher so I could also help others to feel stronger and happier. Currently, I have my own wellness business that brings people to connect with each other and practice yoga, breath work, meditation or other wellness rituals. I believe that the better we feel individually, the better we feel as one together. Therefore, my goal is to build a mindful and supportive community in this fast paced world we live in.