Zalhma Guadalupe Rashid’s captivating journey began in Los Angeles, California, as a multiracial blend of Mexican, Black, Japanese, and Arabian heritage. Growing up in the vibrant community of Inglewood, she faced challenges, but her gratitude, determination, and humility became guiding forces. Despite a backdrop of gunshots, surrounded by gang violence, and adversity. Zalhma transcended her circumstances, relocating to the city of Lawndale.


Zalhma emerges as a beacon of bravery, intelligence, humility, and relentless ambition. A true go-getter, she aspires to inspire others globally, proving that one’s origin is not a limitation. Zalhma ardently believes in the universal pursuit of dreams, echoing a message of resilience and self-belief. Her life exemplifies the possibility of reaching the finish line, irrespective of one’s starting point. Zalhma Rashid is a young lady with dreams, poised to showcase the world that with unwavering self-confidence, anything is achievable.