Elyse is actually my middle name funny enough. My full name is Zoe Elyse Trujillo. I was born and raised in Arizona for most of my life and spent the last of my high school years in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I studied Visual Communications at FIDM and graduated with an AA degree, hoping to work in the fashion industry before I found modeling halfway through college. If I hadn’t gone to FIDM I would’ve majored in Art History or Literature, which I still hope to one day further my education in.


When I’m not on a job or at a casting, I work with a non-profit called Brave Gowns. We create cute and comfortable hospital gowns for children and adults as well! As I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered my love for baking, cakes in particular. I’ve baked for years with my mom but have recently started making cakes for friends birthdays! Also love cooking and eating in general. I have an ongoing list of restaurants to try and check them off as I go. I love being outdoors, I try to go camping as much as I can and love skiing, hiking, etc! I’ll try pretty much anything once and love getting the chance to try new things, which is why I love traveling and experiencing as much as I can. And I have a cute little black cat named Ozzy!