MUSIC: Sunrise, Sunset…King Krule in LA

The UK just really knows how to make ’em.  My friends are a savvy bunch, especially when it comes to music, and I was introduced to King Krule back in the fall during an al fresco post-dinner wine session on a blanket in front of my bandmate’s apartment complex.  You know…on some real adult shit.  These conversations somehow always revolve around music, and if we digress, it always comes right back ’round to music again, and pretty soon everyone is wine-drunk and dreamy-eyed, reliving how James Blake’s live bass made us feel that time he played at the cemetery.

I came across this really intimate video of King Krule filmed next to the LA river, and I was overcome with this overwhelming feeling that I could just NEVER be that cool. However, hearing a 19-year-old who is wise beyond his years slay a really simple, stripped down version of his solemn track, “Centimentality,”- just him and his vintage rhodes – gave me a sense of vicarious confidence even if only for that moment in time.