part one: Smashbox Presents: PLAY MOCA with ACTIVE CHILD and Zola Jesus…

Tonight, there’s a ridiculously awesome thing happening at the MOCA Geffen.  MOCA has teamed up with our friends at Smashbox to create these multi-media events called Play MOCA, which is essentially 3 summer parties where art and music get together and make sweet, sweet love.

Tonight, one of my all time favorite bands is playing:  ACTIVE CHILD along with Zola Jesus who is equally cool as fuck.

Unfortunately, (and also fortunately for me) I’ll be camping along the Kern River, and I will be missing this.  Booo…I’m a total Sad Sally about it. =(  So, I thought I’d leave you all with an Active Child video to get you in the mood for an inspiringly dreamy weekend.  See you on the flip side, everyone!  I’ll be soaking it all in.


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