SNOW dayzzzz…

“I never seem to be in LA for very long these days… My most recent trip was a spur of the moment adventure to Utah for Sundance! I literally felt like I was in a snow globe. We’re so deprived of a winter in Los Angeles. I loved waking up and breathing in the fresh crisp air while feeling my nose turn cold. I traveled outside of Park City to meet some horses, check out the motels, and admire the beautiful scenery on the road.”

TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_1 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_2 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_3 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_4 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_5 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_6 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_7 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_8 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_9 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_10 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_11 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_12 TheGirlHabit_SnowDayz_13


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