Photogenics Los Angeles is an agency that was founded on the principals of diversity, individuality, creative freedom, and expression. We’ve built an ethos around selectivity without the exclusion of the innate differences that make us uniquely extraordinary.

We thrive to create a safe space for talent, to break the rules around the standards of beauty, and to provide a home that stands by its vision in a sea of status quo.

we stand on a principal of love. we welcome all submissions



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Please be aware that there are individuals who may impersonate representatives or scouts of Photogenics or other modeling agencies. Such impostors may contact you directly using social media platforms or email, asking you to provide personal information while offering modeling representation and opportunities. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of Photogenics, please do not respond without first verifying their identity by emailing alexis@photogenicsmedia.com or calling us at 310.733.2550. If you are a minor please also notify a parent or guardian immediately. Any social media correspondence from handles other than from our official instagram handle @photogenicsla are not valid. All Photogenics staff emails come from @photogenicsmedia.com addresses only. Please reference our CONTACT PAGE for all valid emails.