Everyone say ‘SUP! to Jesse Somera, the newest member of our crazy, dysfunctionally functional Photogenics family.  No-brainer!!!  He’s an all around good guy, a babe of all babes who takes dope photos, skates heavy every day, and just happens to be homies with 50% of our board.  This is obviously an exaggeration, but he definitely hangs tough with the best of them.  His blog, Mad Thirsty, is one that I visit when I’m feeling a little down, and since he’s already contributed some photos for a couple of my previous posts, I invited him to become an official Photogenics blog contributor.

Stay tuned for MADTHIRSTY x Photogenics, comin’ atcha reeeeeeal soooon. Welcome to the fam, Somera!!!  – M –




Click HERE to view his full portfolio on the Photogenics Main Page.