wang kills it, once again…

As I sit here wiping the drool off my chin over Alexander Wang’s Pre-S/S ’13 collection,  I think to myself, “I f’ing love this man.  I want to marry him and ask nothing else of him but to make me beautiful clothes for the rest of our lives.”  Alas, all I can do is dream and admire the way he’s constantly kicking ass and taking names along the way.

It’s really simple, kids: black/white + sexy leathers + airy chiffons + swag (mandatory). There’s zero trace of “cruise” but instead a more structured, bad-ass approach to what we deem resort.  His collections embody everything I lust over, and this one does not disappoint…not even a little bit….not even at all.

 NOTE: Some girls only aspire to be tough enough to rock such hard-edged digs, but ya know what?…..a Photogenics Girl can rock a trash bag and look killer doing it.

True Story.


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