M.O.B. ‘ing Deep!

aaaand it’s FRIDAY!

Who’s more stoked for the long holiday weekend than us?


Here are some Models On Blast to hold you over til next week…


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Because….THEY’RE PEOPLE TOO.  =)

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casting candids from OYSTER MAG…

And now some words from booker and resident Photogenics Mag photo editor/artist/photographer/new-ager, Nicci Arone:

“All day long when this casting was going on for Oyster Magazine I was getting emails from the models telling me how rad the photographers were and thanking me for sending them over to meet up.  That legit NEVER happens.

Combine Aussie talent, Mark Vassallo, with Cali native Mike Piscitelli in a Venice Beach bungalow, and apparently you have the chillest casting vibes in the city.  They even offered to let a couple of the guys and girls borrow their bikes to check out the Venice boardwalk.  Fuck working in an office, sometimes, eh?

On the real though, I was stoked that they were into so many of our talent.  We easily have the dopest ones on the west coast so I’m not at all surprised. (thumbs up!)” – N –

And guess what? Oyster Magazine thinks so too.  Check out some of our Photogenics kids featured on their blog in the article, Marky VS LA Casting.

Photos courtesy of Mark Vassallo for Oyster Magazine.

model by day: + BRIANNA FALCONE +

Brianna Falcone in LOVE ME, an intimate portrayal of a girl who just wants to be loved.

“Love Me” – Pictorial and Video by Nicole Anne Robbins

Styling by Angel Johnson + Hair/Make Up by Katelyn Galloway

meet BRIANNA FALCONE Model By Day….

Yoga Goddess and Songbird by Night.

PG:  Tell us a little about who Brianna is outside of modeling.

BF: Outside of modeling my life revolves around yoga and music.  I’ve been doing yoga for about 5 years and teaching for almost 2 1/2 years.  Music on the other hand is something I’ve been doing ever since I can remember.  I started singing in my first choir at the age of 4, writing my own music by the age of 8, and playing guitar at 10.  It’s been my biggest passion ever since.

PG:  Who/What are your inspirations?

BF:  My mom is a huge inspiration of mine.  She’s an amazing human being.  I’ve learned so much about living a meaningful and happy life from her.  Musically I’m inspired by an endless list of incredible musicians including Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Regina Spector, Ingrid Michaelson, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Damien Rice, Amy Winehouse etc.

PG:  Tell us your mantra for life.

BF:  Happiness comes first.  Only when you’re happy can you ever truly inspire, love, or make a difference.

PG:  Where do you usually find yourself on, say, a Wednesday night?

BF:  I spend most of my Wednesday nights at a yoga class on the west side or at this amazing concert venue in Venice called the Witzend where a lot of rad local musicians and friends play.

See more of Brianna at www.youtube.com/briannafalcone, or check out www.facebook.com/briannafalconemusic to hear new music and find out about upcoming shows in the Los Angeles area.