2013 Card Package…sooo FRESH.

Cards_2013_4MAD PROPS are in order, here.  My girl really pulled it out for this one.  The concept and art direction are none other than the cosmic brain child of Nicci Arone.  The package contains a small piece of outer space: a tektite called MOLDAVITE (known as the gemstone that fell to Earth as a result of a meteor collision nearly 15 million years ago which possesses high vibrational energy and is a powerful chakra opener at the heart). Yeah, I know it’s a little New Age, but so are we, and all we want to do is spread good energy and love in the new year.

So here’s to “vibing out” and getting creative together in 2013!!!  See you on the flip side.


[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”card-package-2013″]