that’s my girl….LEORE HAYON

I’m sitting here at the agency coming down from a crazy whirlwind of a Halloween weekend…tired and drained from 3 days of crazy fun and hard work.  Even though the “Case of the Mondays” is really taking a toll on my psyche, I’m still super jazzed because today is the day I get to announce the newest addition to our Photogenics Contributors: my girl, LEORE HAYON of The Girl Habit.

I’ve just recently gotten to know Leore as more than just a model we rep.  She’s a down ass chick who will go to a Grizzly Bear show with you at the drop of a hat and dance her ass off with you at her own birthday party at the Spare Room.  She’ll be giving us a little peak into the very essence of LA Culture as she sees it; the fashion, music, art, and people that make LA such a rad place to be young, wild, and free.

So, stay tuned for Leore’s very first post and check her out in the latest Stussy x Lovemade promo: Heartbeat City