we’re baaaaaaack…..BABE ALERT – Masha Rudenko

Ummm…It’s 2013.  Dude, you guys…it’s 2013!!!  When I was a kid, I pictured straight space-age shenanigans, and I seriously thought that The Jetsons would be the norm…teleportation and flying cars, and FIERCE futuristic fashion.  But alas, people are still fighting over stupid shit, so how can we really be that far advanced? But I digress. Every new year we marvel at how fast the previous year flew by, but 2012 in particular flashed before us like lightning.  Let’s be real here. It’s probably because of all the RADNESS we got ourselves into.

For our first post of the year, I thought I’d start off with a little BABE ALERT action to get your icy winter blood pumping.  MASHA RUDENKO‘s back in town and looking better than ever.  During  her last visit, she did some sweet editorials: Riders Magazine with Jason Lee Parry, the cover story for Oyster Magazine with Zoey Grossman, Flaunt Magazine with Kate Martin, and has since shot for Marie Claire, Vogue, Grazia Germany, and Turkish GQ.  She’s a regular muse for photographer and fine artist Peter Eaton Gurnz and has a passion for the art world that fuels her obsession for travel.  In other words…Bad.Ass.Chick. Welcome back, Masha!