“Waiting For Tomorrow To Wake Up” x MONSTER CHILDREN x

Last week, I met up with Nicci and art department babe, Emily at the launch of Monster Children’s 37th Issue and the premier of Mike Piscitelli’s short film, “Waiting for Tomorrow to Wake Up.”  The party took place underneath a freeway overpass in a grungy studio/venue called Wild Honey Studios.  Something really stuck with me about that night.  There was something really surreal about it.

It was already a dreamy night to begin with. The rain and fog always do it to me. When I arrive, there’s a crowd of low-key skate/fashion people milling around. The low light from the garden lights make it difficult, but I finally spot my friends vibing out next to Erin Wasson. I reach for a beer, check out the short film looping on the seamless, go out to hear the band, and I look up to see this:

The best part is that the short film featuring our models Torian, Brianna, Leore, and Dakota is really fucking good.  It made me feel nostalgic for the days when the word “consequences” had no bearing on the decision to get into some trouble…when we felt free and untouchable.

Check out the short film’s editorial companion piece in Issue 37 of Monster Children Magazine available for purchase by clicking the cover below:


MAD THIRSTY x Monster Children…

Last week, I caught up with model/blogger/photographer/skater/social media bomber, Jesse Somera to find out if he could contribute some of his paparazzi skills for the blog, and he kindly obliged.  He just recently took some behind-the-scenes shots of our models at a Mike Piscitelli short film shoot for Monster Children, and I jocked them so hard I had to share.  The short film should be releasing pretty soon, but in the meantime peep these candids, and make sure to check out Jesse’s blog: Mad Thirsty.


I just recently shot a short film for Monster Children [magazine] with Photogenics models Torian, Brianna F, and Dakota recently. The story was about a group of friends and their adventures which take place in part at a motel in Koreatown where things get a little crazy. Director and photographer Mike Piscitelli was so rad to work with, and I love hanging out with the Photogenics crew.  In that same week I hung out with Dani Lundquist and Valerie V. for Halloween!   Always fun times with Photogenics.

casting candids from OYSTER MAG…

And now some words from booker and resident Photogenics Mag photo editor/artist/photographer/new-ager, Nicci Arone:

“All day long when this casting was going on for Oyster Magazine I was getting emails from the models telling me how rad the photographers were and thanking me for sending them over to meet up.  That legit NEVER happens.

Combine Aussie talent, Mark Vassallo, with Cali native Mike Piscitelli in a Venice Beach bungalow, and apparently you have the chillest casting vibes in the city.  They even offered to let a couple of the guys and girls borrow their bikes to check out the Venice boardwalk.  Fuck working in an office, sometimes, eh?

On the real though, I was stoked that they were into so many of our talent.  We easily have the dopest ones on the west coast so I’m not at all surprised. (thumbs up!)” – N –

And guess what? Oyster Magazine thinks so too.  Check out some of our Photogenics kids featured on their blog in the article, Marky VS LA Casting.

Photos courtesy of Mark Vassallo for Oyster Magazine.