“And for those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

We’re so proud to present our amazing pool of talented musicians who are creating compelling tunes and making waves in the scene.

They are the future of music…we suggest you get on board.

Billie Eilish // Meet the 15  year old American pop Star who has only just begun her

journey to fame with her breakout record, “Ocean Eyes” virtually making her an overnight

success. With the video for her single, “Bellyache”, reaching over 1 million views, an 

album in the works, and an upcoming headlining tour, Billie’s time to shine is on the horizon. 

Music Video “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish 

 DAKOTA BOTTCHER // Long time Photogenics model, musician, and most recently, slanger of rare vintage finds

(@tarantula_vintage) joined The Buttertones, a 5 piece band that are bringing back elements of rock n roll, soul, and

cow punk from every decade since the 60’s. 

Left to right: London Guzman, Richard Araiza, Dakota Bottcher, Modsto ‘Cobi’ Cobian, Sean Redman

Music Video “Matador” by The Buttertones

JOSEPH MATICK // One of many of our rad influencers turns his romantic relationship with Carly Kuss into a

musical duo called Girlyboi. Their music is filled with soulful lyrical dialogue with the intentions of creating the prettiest

music anyone’s ever heard. Watch out for their new single, “Bonfire” which dropped June 29th, 2017. 

Clinton Van Arnam // Classically trained drummer and producer, Clinton and LA singer/keyboardist, Melanie

deJesus, formed electronic dup @DSTNCE_, after mutual influences bringing the two together. With their upcoming

album release, the two steadily work towards an audio/visual performance in the fall.

Sean Lyles for AlunaGeorge’s “I Remember” Music Video

Sean Lyles for AlunaGeorge’s “I Remember” Music Video

Ganna & Steve in “DRUGS” by Dream Stretcher

A Big Thank you to our friends Ganna and Steve for lending their talents for a very special music project I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of called Dream Stretcher.  Driving out to Joshua Tree with 4 friends and a camera to film a music video for a song that means something incredibly real to me…well, it was really the only way to go.

This is “Drugs” directed by Ryan Valdez

Instagram @dreamstretcher
Twitter @dreamstretcher

Drugs EP now available on iTunes and Spotify.

part two: Smashbox Presents: PLAY MOCA with ACTIVE CHILD and Zola Jesus…

All I have to say is at least someone from the Photogenics team was able to make it to this!!!  I thought she could share the experience and make all the suckers who missed it wish we hadn’t.

Active Child…A Review For The Rest of Us.

Words and Photos by Nicci Arone

         Active Child’s music makes me feel like I want to live in a cabin on the moon.  So it only makes sense that their latest LP, “You Are All I See,” is self described as a, “sonic ambition…that sounds cosmically huge and yet intimate all the same.”

        I saw them once before at an indoor venue a few months ago, and the stage was set up as a mirror image of electronic and classical instruments with Grecian inspired statues as cornerstones.  The mix of this old and new world energy created an intimate experience that felt like I was listening to a choir of electronic angels singing to me from the dreamscape of my imagination.

         I didn’t think it could get any better than that.  But it did, last Friday at the MOCA Geffen’s outdoor venue with an incredible view of downtown Los Angeles as the back drop, slow motion water visuals projected on stage, warm summer wind on my skin and some of the most energetic and stylish music lovers LA has to offer.  And really, who even plays a harp anymore!? Classically trained front man, Pat Grossi, sure does.  The dreamy juxtaposition of electronic beats and classical string melodies creates a sound that pleases even the most hipster-ish of auditory palettes.

For me, music is one of the last remaining  innovative art forms.  I go to a lot of shows, and I have to say that these days, while I always enjoy them, it’s super rare that I find myself being totally in the moment and sitting back in complete awe as I’m taken over by the physical force of bliss.  Active Child does that for me, and I really hope it does for you too.  Just catch a fucking show and see for yourself!

Check out the official site for tour dates near you!

part one: Smashbox Presents: PLAY MOCA with ACTIVE CHILD and Zola Jesus…

Tonight, there’s a ridiculously awesome thing happening at the MOCA Geffen.  MOCA has teamed up with our friends at Smashbox to create these multi-media events called Play MOCA, which is essentially 3 summer parties where art and music get together and make sweet, sweet love.

Tonight, one of my all time favorite bands is playing:  ACTIVE CHILD along with Zola Jesus who is equally cool as fuck.

Unfortunately, (and also fortunately for me) I’ll be camping along the Kern River, and I will be missing this.  Booo…I’m a total Sad Sally about it. =(  So, I thought I’d leave you all with an Active Child video to get you in the mood for an inspiringly dreamy weekend.  See you on the flip side, everyone!  I’ll be soaking it all in.