that’s my girl….LEORE HAYON

I’m sitting here at the agency coming down from a crazy whirlwind of a Halloween weekend…tired and drained from 3 days of crazy fun and hard work.  Even though the “Case of the Mondays” is really taking a toll on my psyche, I’m still super jazzed because today is the day I get to announce the newest addition to our Photogenics Contributors: my girl, LEORE HAYON of The Girl Habit.

I’ve just recently gotten to know Leore as more than just a model we rep.  She’s a down ass chick who will go to a Grizzly Bear show with you at the drop of a hat and dance her ass off with you at her own birthday party at the Spare Room.  She’ll be giving us a little peak into the very essence of LA Culture as she sees it; the fashion, music, art, and people that make LA such a rad place to be young, wild, and free.

So, stay tuned for Leore’s very first post and check her out in the latest Stussy x Lovemade promo: Heartbeat City

coming soon…PHOTOGENICS+contributors+

Chloe visits Terry Richardson at his studio in New York City

Even though Chloe’s off doing big things in NYC,  she is and will always be a Photogenics Girl through and through.  So much so, that I’ve asked her to be one of the very first guest bloggers to join our Photogenics Contributors Page set to launch early September alongside guest bloggers Charlotte Carey and Natalie Suarez of style blog, Natalie Off Duty.

Stay tuned for “The DGAF Diaries by Chloe Norgaard,” and GET EXCITED!

Photogenics Blog is about to turn into a rowdy party. 😉

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson’s Diary