NOTES OF MEMORY…(father’s day)

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“Notes of Memory” is a short film by Michelle Peerali featuring our very own Stefanie Wood, Alli Cripe, Dakota Bottcher, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Leore Hayon as they share really moving accounts of their favorite scent memory on  Really well done…and it got me thinking of the scents that mean the most to me.

As a child, my dad was never the warm, loving type.  He was stoic, solemn, the stern provider, a military man.  He was the head of the household with strict and sometimes unreasonable rules, but there was never any doubt that he loved us.  I always knew that he did…he was just hell bent on carving out a good life for his family.  He rarely picked me up, but when he did the smell of his $4 BRUT Cologne from the drug store stuck to my clothes for hours.  When he did, I knew I was safe.

Now, I’m a fully developed human, and he’s a different man.  He’s… jolly even.  He and my mom travel the world, organize medical missions, and plant community gardens in their homeland.  He loves a nice red wine and enjoys hiking, as well as an occasional secret-back-alley cigarette on special occasions (The jig’s up, Dad. We know. 😉 )  He’s a different man than the man I knew growing up, but two things have remained:  He still loves his family more than anything, and he still wears $4 BRUT Cologne from the drug store.  Some things never change.

Happy Father’s Day, DAD!  You’re really the best dad ever. – M-