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SNOW dayzzzz…

“I never seem to be in LA for very long these days… My most recent trip was a spur of the moment adventure to Utah for Sundance! I literally felt like I was in a snow globe. We’re so deprived of a winter in Los Angeles. I loved waking up and breathing in the fresh crisp air while feeling my nose turn cold. I traveled outside of Park City to meet some horses, check out the motels, and admire the beautiful scenery on the road.”

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Back From the Homeland…

So, to catch you all up, I spent the holidays in Israel and had the most amazing time.  You can see more of my Israeli adventures on my blog The Girl Habit:  Home Away From Home, If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird In her Raen’sand Dizingof

When I finally returned from Israel a couple weeks ago, of course the first thing I did was go see my girl Kelley Ash! We did a lil photo shoot at her place and around Silverlake, and then hit up a new photo exhibit at Space 15 Twenty on Cahuenga Boulevard featuring Photogenics’ very own Steve Lee! I’m always excited to see Steve. He probably thinks I’m a weirdo because I cant stop smiling when I’m around him. He kind of has that effect.







Everyone’s a PHOTOGRAPHER…

Hey! I’m Leore of The Girl Habit posting my first contribution for Photogenics Blog.

Friday the 2nd was the opening of “Everyone’s a Photographer” Exhibit at the Lomography store on Santa Monica Blvd.  I threw on my vintage Van Halen tee and vintage Giorgio Armani black skirt for the evening.  The exhibit features the work of my friends Chad Muska, Corey Smith, and Jason Lee Parry, along with photographers Jared Everhardt, Jeremy & Claire Weiss, Natas Kaupas, Ian Ruhter, Danny Zapalac, and Laura Austin.  I always have the best time at these kinds of events.  Tons of friends from the industry and lots of beer is not a bad way to spend a friday night in LA if, you ask me.  Afterwards, I hit up one of my favorite bars, The Thirsty Crow in Silverlake.  I would definitely recommend checking out the exhibit while it’s still around.     -Leore-