LOOK.BOOK.LOVE (Vol. 3)…OBEY Summer ’13

We’ve been working with the fam over at OBEY CLOTHING for coming up on 5 years now.   Everyone who works at the brand is dope to the max so of course we vibe like no other!

On the real tho, this street wear brand has had a cult-like culture following for what feels like forever, and we’ve been so hyped to be a part of it for all these years.

Beyond just keeping you looking fresh, Shepard Fairey talks here about the OBEY commitment to global awareness…

…aaaand, creep some of our favorite styles from their Summer 2013 look book below, featuring our bleach blonde babe KYLIE and our skate life dudes WALKER and TORIAN.




Photos by Jon Furlong

– N –


I just recently shot a short film for Monster Children [magazine] with Photogenics models Torian, Brianna F, and Dakota recently. The story was about a group of friends and their adventures which take place in part at a motel in Koreatown where things get a little crazy. Director and photographer Mike Piscitelli was so rad to work with, and I love hanging out with the Photogenics crew.  In that same week I hung out with Dani Lundquist and Valerie V. for Halloween!   Always fun times with Photogenics.

speaking of CALI LOVE…

I just came across this great little campaign for PacSun featuring our resident skate kid, Torian.  While this is by no means high fashion or art-snobbery at its finest,  it’s enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside at the thought of life here in California.  This is a place where you’re at the beach one minute,  a 2.5 hour drive later you can be shredding down Bear Mountain, another 2.5 hour road trip south and you’re poolside in the hot desert sun while some DJ spins Radiohead remixes, and if you have another 5 hour road trip in you, you can be soaking in the magic that is Big Sur.   Top it off with a 2 hour drive north and you can be staring at the Golden Gate Bridge with your best friends feeling grateful as shit to be alive.  Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.  =)