BABE ALERT!!!…Virginia

Suuuuuuuup….Mel here.  Hope you all loved the last issue of photoGENICSmag as much as I do.  A big thank you to the home-slice-tenderoni, Nicci Arone, for filling in while I was off getting inspired in Indonesia.  I’m back and feeling pumped about pretty much everything except for my F’d up sleep schedule.  So last night in a desperate attempt to get back on track, I took an Ambien and had the most gnarly dreams which were scary but also injected me with this weird creative current.  Basically, I’m feeling pretty unstoppable at this point, and I’m ready to pump out some great content and a radical Issue No.6.  But more on that later.

Today, I want to introduce you to the lovely Virginia.  This Dutch beauty just arrived and is ready for some work/play.  Welcome to LA, Virginia!!!